The Players Elite Golf Academy is your premier source for quality golf instructions for adults and junior golf.
Located at beautiful 45 holes Silver Lake Golf Course in Orland Park ILL.

 We use the most advanced equipment in all our golf training programs such as, Video Analysis, Flightscope launch monitor, SAM PUTT LAB, Swing Catalyst Pressure mapping and K-Vest 3D-Bio mechanic body movement, which are essential for every golfers to take their game to the next level. As for junior golfers who are playing competitive golf or preparing to begin playing in junior tournaments such as, IJGA,MAGT,AJGT as well as High School and College Golf, using this technology is a must to elevate their game to the highest level possible.

Since its inception in 1998 we have built a well-recognized program by producing tournament winners on the local and state levels with over 175 tournament wins and many of our Player Elites participants have received college scholarships. All golf lessons, golf camps provided by PGA Golf Instructor Michael Camastro.


Danny Willett, Europeon PGA Tour Player uses FlightScope. It Illustrates the ball flight and give measurements of variable ball and club data from each golf shot within seconds.
Michael Camastro, PGA
JC Video.

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